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Obituary for Nicolas Rivera

My Father

I come to you today to share with everyone who my father was. Some of you may have known him personally and others knew him through us his family. Some knew him from the building where he lived or from the local grocery stores he frequently visited every day. My Dad loved to go out for walks, he loved to say hello to those he met along the way. Those that knew my Dad know that he was always willing to give you a hand no matter who you were. He always said hello or just waved and with that hello or wave you knew it was sincere. I would call him the Mayor of the lower east side. Everyone in the neighborhood knew who my father was. He would love to proudly tell everyone he met this is my daughter or this is my grandson. He never had a son but God blessed him with 2 grandsons and 1 great grandson.
Unfortunately, as dementia snuck up on him he could no longer walk the streets of the lower east side and say hello to all his friends. My Dad was always a gentlemen, he would always hold that door for someone, was always a great hostess. I am proud to say I am daddy’s little girl and he made me who I am today. My Dad taught me right and I always want to be the person he was. He loved music and dancing. To his very last day he would listen to music from the moment he got up until the moment he went to bed. Even with dementia he would whistle along to the music and sway his body to the beat.
Struggling with dementia he still managed to watch over his family. When I would mention to him that I had a doctor's appointment he would say you need me to go with you? He always was there for his family.
My Dad served in the US Army in February1957. He had just gotten married to my Mom in January 1956 and was called for duty a year later.
Both his grandsons still remember those trips to the park and Papa as his grandsons called him, would always push the swing and he would ask them higher higher Papa? He would always buy them a coconut icee after school. He would pick them up after school and he loved every minute. He knew how much they enjoyed the park and the icees. He would spoil them but in a good way and they both looked up to their “Papa”.
I will miss you Papi but I know you will be looking after us from Heaven. And I am sure you will be proud to introduce us to everyone. We Love you always and forever Papi you made us all very proud.